Lab Members

Pablo Peixoto

Stephen Madamba
is a PhD student at the CUNY Graduate Center and joined the lab in 2015. A transplant of the San Francisco Bay Area, he is studying neural trafficking of mitochondria and its role in ALS. When not in the lab, Stephen spends his time eating, watching soccer, reminiscing about relentlessly mild weather, and reading. He vows to read Infinite Jest, that Proust book, and A Wind in the Door--whose characters have the good fortune to actually enter a mitochondrion--all by the time he can be rightfully called Dr. Madamba.
is a self declared mitochondriac - it all started at UFU. He pursued his Ph.D studying mitochondrial electrophysiology in the laboratory of Marisa Campo, University of Extremadura. He then moved first to NYU ( Casey Kinnally ) and later Cornell ( Giovanny Manfredi ) as a postdoctoral fellow to study the involvement of mitochondrial ion channels in cell death. He is now living his dream as an assistant professor at Baruch College - CUNY. 
Ma Su Su Aung
is a Macaulay Honor student at Baruch. She will soon pursue her medical doctor degree. Currently, Ma Su Su is investigating alternative functions of the Bak protein on mitochondria. Ma Su Su is also volunteering at the Oncology unit of New York Presbyterian / Cornell Medical Hospital. During her past time, she likes to play tennis, volleyball, running, and swimming. Last summer, Ma Su Su completed a month-long 25-mile swimming challenge.
Pablo Peixoto

Kevin Damri
is currently a senior at Baruch College. As a food-traveler he feels fortunate to live in one of the largest and most diverse culinary palettes in the world.
As a pre-medical student he believes that it is important for clinicians to have a diversified knowledge base, not only in liberal arts but also in research, which is where new clinical techniques and treatments are developed. He is applying electrophysiology to understand the role of mitochondria in regulation of cell death.
Nozima Gaipova
is interested in the relationship between mitochondrial dysfunction and neurological disorders. Her current work is focused on investigating protein import system of mitochondria and its coexistence with the energy conversion machinery. 
Hobbies: collecting old paper currency and coins from around the world, origami, painting, photography, astrophysics.
Ruth Hartke
is a post-baccalaureate student at Baruch College. She graduated with a degree in Voice Performance from Indiana University and has since decided to delve into the world of biology and chemistry. She is currently working on an exploratory research project involving the TIM23 protein complex in mitochondria. Future endeavors include pursuing a PhD in Pharmaceutical Sciences. As a young girl, her mother told her she would become a singing doctor. Moms are always right.     

Nadina Latchman
is an adjunct professor and alumna at Baruch College. Her research explores the function of Bak proteins in the mitochondria. She aspires to establish an influential career in biomedical research and academia where she will to continue to inspire students about science and its applications. In her spare time, she is traveling, baking, and taking advantage of what New York has to offer. 
Oygul Mirzalieva
is a Baruch graduate, who joined the lab in 2014. Among other things, she is exploring the realm of patch clamping and electrophysiology to study MAC, a mitochondrial channel involved in apoptosis. Oygul is also our lab manager and an Adjunct Instructor at Baruch College with a newborn passion for teaching. Her long-term goals entail becoming a Medical Scientist and taking over the world.
Denean Paulik
is an NYU graduate with over 15 years of experience helping higher Ed institutions and human services attain funding through proposal development, consulting, and honing of stewardship in partnering with donors, alumni, and institutional givers. She joined the Peixoto lab to leverage team-work and funding. In her spare time she listens to Conchita Buika and dreams of Selena and Frida Kahlo. Bidibidibombom.

Nicomedes Rivera
is a CUNY Bacc for the Unique and Interdisciplinary Studies. He is a pre-med and a certified NYS EMT. Having overcome a left frontal lobe brain tumor at a young age, he is intrigued by the role mitochondria play in neuro-degeneration/cell death. Additionally, Nico spent time shadowing and conducting research within the NYU Medical Center Pediatric Neurosurgical department. Other interests include playing hockey and soccer, cooking, reading, and writing. He hopes to finish composing a novel with elements of time-travel, multi-dimensionality, and other reality altering twists.    


Shaderra Glover
Brooklyn College
Alex Kitaygorodskiy
University of Pittsburgh School of Dental Medicine
Adriana Stosic
Major in Finance, Baruch